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Who we are?

Trade shows are powerful platforms that bring together businesses, industry experts, and consumers, fostering valuable connections and showcasing the latest innovations and products. Successful trade shows require meticulous planning, creativity, and effective execution.

Our main company was founded in 1985 with a vision to revolutionize the trade show industry. The company's primary objective was to create unparalleled experiences for exhibitors and attendees, leading to fruitful business opportunities and long-term partnerships. Banian Omid recognized the untapped potential in this domain and set out to provide a platform that catered to the specific needs and demands of each industry it served. Over the past few decades, we have planned, organized and executed hundreds of exhibitions.

Our decades long successful activity in the market could only be achieved by the trust we have gained through holding fruitful trade shows and accomplishing customer satisfaction. From its inception, Bania Omid emphasized the importance of comprehensive market research. Understanding the target audience, industry trends, and competitors allowed us to create tailor-made trade shows that catered to the needs and interests of both exhibitors and attendees. Through surveys, interviews, and data analysis, the company ensured that their events aligned with industry demands.

We have gathered the most expert and reliable people in our team, the highest number of trade shows we have managed to hold in only two years was 22 and the biggest has recorded for 55,000sqm of net booth area and over 1,500 exhibitors.